QuizMaster for Virtual Meetings and Events

Virtual meetings are part of our business lives - add a QuizMaster knowledge-based game session to inject fun, competitive energy, audience engagement and message reinforcement.
QuizMaster produces live and automated business games for team meetings, sales kickoffs, product launches and user conferences. Explainer video, pricing and more information below.

QuizMaster 'Live' Virtual Game Offerings and Pricing

There are many formats and options for playing knowledge-based games with an online group.  The key is designing a highly professional session with the appropriate preparation of technology, content and game format, then an energetic and seamless delivery of the game with the meeting leader.

QuizMaster has created 3 ‘live’ game offerings, described and priced as follows:

Typically added to a regular employee/team video meeting, e.g. at the end

  • Client branded
  • 1 game format
  • Up to 50 players
  • 10-12 custom multimedia Q&A
  • Team or individual based
  • Game flow run by QuizMaster MC
  • CrowdPurr gaming platform
  • Base price $495. Adjusted based on additional needs. Monthly and quarterly options

Typically a standalone session for employees, customers or partners

  • Client branded
  • Original theme + graphics
  • 1-2 game formats
  • Up to 100 players
  • Use of interactive slides + voting
  • 20-30 custom multimedia Q&A
  • Team or individual based
  • Game flow run by QuizMaster MC
  • CrowdPurr gaming platform
  • Base price $1,495. Adjusted based on additional needs. 

Typically a standalone ‘featured event’, e.g. annual company meetings, user conference

  • Fully client branded and themed digital game show
  • Combination of game formats, resulting in a custom developed game show event
  • Up to 5000 players
  • Price from $2,495 based on time and materials

Every QuizMaster engagement follows a consultative style process, including a client kickoff call, selection of a content liaison, preparation of multimedia Q&A and graphics, content review, video test, and event delivery. Click on the price sheet below for more information on pricing, features and process.  

Contact Andy McCartney anytime to brainstorm your next virtual meeting.

QuizMaster for ZOOM

Business Games and Quizzes for Virtual Business Worlds

There are several types of virtual meetings and events now available.  The content above relates to video meetings and how a live knowledge quiz can be incorporated into the agenda.  A similar live session can be created for a conference through a webinar system.  Another approach is to create a fully automated business quiz that can be played anytime, by any number of players. 

With the advent of highly innovative virtual worlds such as virBELA, a live or automated business game can be seamlessly integrated into a virtual meeting or conference, whether in an auditorium or smaller room. The screenshot below shows a virtual meeting room with 4 QuizMaster game screens.  

Knowledge based games and quizzes can be leveraged in many virtual settings.  Below left is a quiz room, one of several created for a holiday party event.  Below right is a virtual trade show, where a short and snappy quiz can be leveraged at booths as a lead generation mechanism. 

Develop Creative Content for Knowledge-Based Games

A key aspect of creating a successful knowledge based game is the content.  Give the game a theme, branding and then a sequence of interesting and educational questions + answers. Questions can incorporate text, images, animated GIFs, videos and audio.  Below is an example of the phone experience for a Salesforce event themed around the Oscars. This is where brainstorming and collaborating with clients is so important. 

There is a fully automated demo available at https://crowd.live/REFWD.  Most games are MC led, question by question, but this demo shows a fully automated experience on a smartphone.  This approach can also be used for lead generation (e.g. fill in contact info, offer a prize for the top 3).

"Andy, thank you for your tireless work to create a hugely successful and memorable event for Rheem. The creativity and personalization, down to the finest detail, was amazing. Same time next year!" Kiran Reddy, Head of Finance, Rheem Manufacturing

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