QuizMaster Game Shows

These are not your local sports bar trivia games.

Every QuizMaster show is a complete business production, using proprietary game show equipment, fully customized content, top quality staging, and delivered by an experienced team of professionals.  Hold on to your seats, this is going to be a very engaging experience. 

QuizMaster is expert at dealing with the many dynamics that need to be considered and managed in order to deliver a top quality event.  Our goals are to optimize the impact of your meeting, build fun and participation, and maximize our client’s return on their meeting investment.

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Game Shows and Formats

You can be confident about relying on QuizMaster Productions. With more than 35 years of experience and many hundreds of shows under our belt, we have the know-how and flexibility to leverage any type of meeting situation. QuizMaster’s game shows typically incorporate several teams of contestants, last between 60 to 90 minutes, and can be staged for audiences from 50 to thousands.

For every show, we provide a professional emcee and on-stage hostess as well as all the game show equipment, client-branded logos and signage, specialized visual effects and other elements required to present an effective, memorable game show. Everyone at he show gets involved, even your top executives – who often serve as our on-stage “judges.”

Every production will be customized to fit the size of the room, number of attendees and teams, and available budget. From shows in a stadium, a tent in a vineyard, a shopping mall or an island in San Francisco Bay to the normal hotel and conference center venues, we consistently exceed our clients’ expectations.  Below are short descriptions of some of our game show formats.

Bonus Board Challenge

Based on the longest-running, most popular network quiz show of all time, our team-oriented Bonus Board Challenge is a perennial client favorite.  

It features a colorful, high-impact set, special game show electronics, custom-written Q’s and A’s and plenty of on-stage and audience interaction. 

Great for sales meetings, product launches, trade shows and group events in any industry.

Winner's Circle

If you’re a fan of “Wheel” on TV, you’ll definitely appreciate our redesigned, business-oriented version. Along with its unique stage set and focused questions and answers, the Winner’s Circle game show offers lots of high-suspense action and audience involvement that build lasting results for groups of all sizes.

Memory Masters

Very team-oriented, business-focused and extremely fast-paced, Memory Masters is somewhat like “Jeopardy!” gone wild!  It really is fun, exciting and highly entertaining, but never loses sight of its primary purpose to ensure that your group gets a strong dose of business emphasis in the mix.

Knowledge Bowl

Academic contests have been a staple on TV for more than 50 years. However, our Knowledge Bowl audiences quickly realize that our format gets even better results. Our fast-paced version has a clear business focus, tailored questions and answers and some novel twists that build group interaction and impact every time.

Think Fast

On TV, “Feud” is a divisive game—so Quizmaster redesigned it to work for business groups. Our Think Fast format is a colorful, business-oriented game show that retains the content, focus, quick decisions and challenge of the original, but produces a much more fun and positive result. To win this one, you’re going to have to Think Fast!

Power Pyramid

Power Pyramid is an absolute knock-out as a full stage presentation and is tremendous for trade shows too, featuring high levels of suspense, flashing lights, multicolored visual effects and numerous scoring options.  The Power Pyramid is an excellent stage prop for use with very large audiences, as well as generating real attention in a trade show environment. 

Roll Out"

Roll Out is a most unusual game show that was custom-designed by QuizMaster just to meet the needs of our clients. It was developed specifically to maximize the excitement, energy and business focus of (mid-sized) sales meetings, new product launches and trade shows. Super for highly competitive groups in a wide range of businesses.

QuizMaster for Trade Shows

In addition to our meeting-based game shows, QuizMaster is also an award-winning designer, producer and manager of dynamic, interactive game shows for exhibits.  Our visually striking, high-impact formats are perfect for sponsors who want to drive activity at trade shows, exhibitions, and special events.

Whether the questions and answers used in your game are “general knowledge” and “just for fun” or focus on reinforcing the specific elements you address within your exhibit, your show will always generate a great response. Use one of our existing trade show games—or we’ll design one just for you. No Problem.

QuizMaster’s Specialty Shows and Unique Locations

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The majority of QuizMaster’s game shows are presented in hotel ballrooms and conference centers.  However, we have also produced game shows in some wonderfully unique and imaginative locations, ranging from a lecture hall at Yale and in a vineyard to a tent on an island in San Francisco Bay and on the 50-yard-line in a football stadium. 

We love to create special shows for unusual venues, and help our clients optimize the precious time they have when bringing people together. 

Examples of some of the more unique venues where our game shows have been staged over the years are in the slide show on the left. Share your ‘outside the box’ location ideas with us, almost anything is possible.

QuizMaster Technology Options

The size, design, complexity and cost of your game show is determined by the showroom, audience size and scale of the production components of the event.  Presentations can range from smaller, traditional game shows to those that use the most sophisticated audiovisual, multimedia, lighting, laser and digital effects available.

For almost any QuizMaster game show, we can include the latest audience polling and gamification technologies, as well as hi-tech options that allow assessment and tracking of audience knowledge and opinion metrics.

Maximize audience participation, with a fun “Ask the Audience” contestant option, or take a vote and display the answers and scores on a real-time basis – even for people not at the meeting. You can also extend the value of your targeted Q’s and A’s by staging an online quiz competition.

Game Show Data and Analytics

Topic tracking and audience assessments are valuable components that often help to justify the costs associated with presenting customized game shows. 

Every one of our shows does more than just reinforce key messages and critical learning points during the event. Depending upon the analytics options selected, metrics can be provided to the show’s sponsors regarding pre and post show communications, question usage, answer completion, subgroup participation levels, and audience polling results for all applicable phases of each show.

"Our Regional Feud was a tremendous success! Not only was it a great way to spend an evening, but given the highly competitive nature of our sales people, it also turned out to be an extremely important team building activity as well. You did a great job in handling the technical questions concerning our business and added in just the right mix of general trivia." - Siemens Industrial Automation

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