About Us

At QuizMaster we love to help clients bring their people together for some good clean fun, while enabling them to become more knowledgeable about critical subject matter and execute their business better. 

We approach every client relationship as professionals, and will go above and beyond the norm to create the best possible gamification experience and outcome for every project. 

QuizMaster produced its first TV-style quiz competition (The Knowledge Bowl) more than 35 years ago – and has been going strong ever since.  Today, QuizMaster is recognized as the most experienced, most capable independent producer of business game shows in the country.  

QuizMaster’s team has real, hands-on experience with the many variables that need to be managed to produce a perfectly presented and compelling event. That’s what our company is all about. 

Brainstorming with clients and nurturing ideas regarding how we can work together to deliver a truly unique, effective and high impact game show production is in everyone’s best interest. Integrating new digital and gamification elements adds flexibility and excitement. Please drop us a note with your thoughts about your organization’s needs. We are confident you’ll find that no idea is too far out of the box for us to handle.

Management Team



With a professional career in corporate marketing, communications and management consulting to draw on, Andy provides a wealth of experience to QuizMaster. He has been creating high-tech contests for decades and is driving QuizMaster into digital gamification and blended experiences.

Eric penniman, Director


Eric has been QuizMaster’s director of operations for over 20 years, providing logistics and management of the complete inventory of specialized game show equipment.  Eric is the man behind the curtain who provides the glue and magic that has enabled hundreds of flawless and successful game show experiences. 

KATHY Fletcher, director


Kathy is a marketing and events guru, having consulted with, and worked for enterprise companies for over 20 years. With HP Kathy devised and ran customer events, trade shows and other B2B demand generation programs. For QuizMaster she is central to the development, planning and execution of business gamification solutions. 



Working with QuizMaster gives our clients access to our entire contractor network of emcees, hostesses, technicians and assistants. Whether on-stage or behind the scenes, our staff have the specialized skills and expertise to help us plan, stage and present top quality business games shows in any sort of situation.

Jim Seltzer, Founder

After a successful sales, training and corporate management career with Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson and Chesebrough-Ponds, Jim became a pioneer of business oriented game shows. He has produced more than 1000 successful shows,  competitions and events for companies and associations nationwide.

"We were delighted to have you present the Love Boat Bowl at our National Sales Meeting in Arizona. It was without a doubt the high point of the session. I have received overwhelmingly positive responses from all our field sales people." - Princess Cruises

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