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Add Constructive Fun to Online Meetings in the COVID Era

The world has been forced into change by the pandemic.  Remote work is the norm, and video meetings are part of business life.

Now it is possible to add a fun session to a team meeting or an online conference, whether for 10 people or several thousand.  QuizMaster can help design, customize and deliver a knowledge based quiz delivered through your virtual or video conference software, with the audience using their laptops, phones or tablets as voting devices. The image above is the virBELA virtual world.

We will help to create a perfect blend of fun + business multimedia questions, that reinforce product, sales and relationship messages, that also provide analytics on which topics are most and least understood. 

Our QuizMaster MC can tag team with your meeting leader to create a genuinely entertaining experience that will engage and motivate your audience.  Click the link below for more info and pricing. 

Virtual Business Quizzes

QuizMaster leverages the CrowdPurr audience engagement platform to design fully customizable knowledge based games. There are hundreds of configurable variations to enable the optimal experience for your event or meeting.  

One example is being able to play in teams, where a real time leaderboard averages the scores of individual players for each team.  QuizMaster will consult and collaborate with you to ensure the best possible game format, and outcome. 

35+ Years of Business Gamification Experience

As America’s most experienced producer of business oriented game events, QuizMaster Productions offers a wide range of digital quiz experiences and TV-style game show formats that work for groups of all types and sizes. Experiences are fully tailored to reinforce key company knowledge and information, drive more effective communication and generate high-energy fun and camaraderie.

QuizMaster provides a turn-key service, and works with clients from concept through accounting. We collaborate with clients to determine which gamification elements of digital and face-to-face would maximize the ROI of any type of event, whether for employees, partners, customers or prospects.

The Power of Gamification?

There is plenty of academic research that shows how game play releases endorphins and dopamine, and stimulates the part of the brain that enables learning and recall. The outcome is an emotional high that can be extremely powerful for business oriented usage, if applied appropriately.

Training and events are perfect targets for gamification.  QuizMaster events have delivered team building fun and education to thousands for over 3 decades. New digital tools now enable the engagement of people before, during and after an event, and gathering high value analytics. 

Managing Game Dynamics

Without giving away our secret sauce or scaring people off gamification, it should be known that we have seen and heard of many attempts by organizations to create home grown game shows and trivia contests at their events. Please don’t try it! It may look easy but there are many dynamics in play, any of which could trip up the MC or game designer.

Designing and producing the right combination of digital and actual game play is challenging, with the many permutations of game formats, rules, team play, content, equipment/props, software, logistics, personnel and analytics. Let QuizMaster partner with you to create the best event possible.

Face-to-Face Game Shows

QuizMaster was founded on delivering custom business game shows. When people come together at an event, a game show enables team building, fun, collaboration, message reinforcement, and ROI.  Now that technologies have emerged that enable all attendees to participate, gaming enhancements are possible to add even more expectation and value to a fun session. 

Whether you are the host or a key sponsor of an event, game shows offer a refreshing alternative to typical speaker presentations. Every QuizMaster game show is a team-oriented event. Attendees can win prizes and bragging rights by working together to answer questions customized for every show. Everyone leaves the event with a hugely positive vibe.

Custom Content and Branding

QuizMaster shows are specifically designed to address sales subjects, marketing and new products, distributor or user policies, PR and other key elements of your business.  We always deliver a top-quality production – and an experience unlike any other.  

Far beyond the generalized trivia used in most games, the questions and answers incorporated into QuizMaster shows are specially written in collaboration with each client. They are carefully crafted to focus on the most important things attendees need to know to increase understanding and perform their jobs better.  Even the game show name, teams, stage set and equipment will be customized to reinforce the branding and tone of the overall meeting.  Have fun, be together, learn more!

"The QuizMaster game show was THE hit of our worldwide business meeting. Great Job." - Forbes Magazine

Hundreds of Satisfied Clients

We have produced custom game experiences for some of the most sophisticated and demanding companies and associations in the world – from the Fortune 100, to national and regional organizations of all types and sizes. Game shows can be held on big stages in general sessions, or run multiple times in breakout sessions, or in any way that is needed. Listed below are just some of the clients that have trusted QuizMaster to help them maximize the results of their meetings.

"The game show you produced for the Seiko national sales meeting was enthusiastically received not only by our sales force, but by senior management, one of whom summed it up with, 'What a great way to teach.' Your game show achieved its goals. It reinforced the key features of our new products and advertising programs which were introduced during the previous three days. As the final event, it sent the sales force off charged with enthusiasm for a great fall Season." - Seiko Time Corporation

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