QuizMaster Celebrates 25 Years of “Fun & Gains”

“Brain Benders” and Online Added to Game Show Line-up

 Roswell, GA: In conjunction with their 25th anniversary year, QuizMaster Productions, the country’s leading provider of network caliber, TV-style game shows for business, has taken its successful “Fun & Gains”™ concepts a step into the future with the introduction of several additions to their family of customized quiz formats.  Since 1979, QuizMaster’s team-oriented, live game show presentations have been relied upon by businesses and associations that wanted a fun and energetic, but effective, way to reinforce “need to know” information at major sales meetings, product launches, trade shows and other special events.  By using custom written questions and answers tailored for each specific client, their programs help increase attendee interest, build group participation and improve retention of key content elements of the program.


QuizMaster’s popular line-up of highly participative, business-focused game shows, such as “Bonus Board Challenge”™, “Knowledge Bowl”™ and “Circle of Fortune”™, has now been expanded to include a new game format called “Brain Benders”™.  The game, which has a specially designed electronic back wall as a hallmark, is played “a bit like Jeopardy on steroids”, according to Amy Arblaster, QuizMaster’s Marketing Manager.  QuizMaster is launching “Brain Benders” as both an on stage presentation for large meetings and as an online game to be featured on the company’s website in early 2005.  The unique, interactive contests at will retain the fun and business focus of QuizMaster’s live shows, but will move the intellectual challenges into web-based games designed specifically to meet the marketing needs of its sponsoring clients.


The development of several industry-specific shows is also part of QuizMaster’s expanded event line-up.  These shows will provide all of the high tech electronics, flashing back walls and the other game show “bells and whistles” provided for their general business shows, but with sets, props and specialty graphics targeted toward major industry groups.  For example, among others, they offer, “Pharma-Knowledgy“™ for the pharmaceutical industry, “Real Estake$”™ for real estate and mortgage companies, and “Who’s Minding the Store?” for retailing and consumer product groups.   The colorful logos for these game shows are designed to be easily personalized for each program, thereby providing some immediate up-front savings to QuizMaster’s clients.


“Because people naturally learn better when they are having fun, our game shows help employees and meeting attendees understand and remember important business facts that they may need to know to do their jobs better,” explained Jim Seltzer, president and founder of QuizMaster in Roswell, Georgia.  Seltzer claims that QuizMaster’s new and expanded game show formats correlate well with their clients’ increasing interests in participative reinforcement programs that combine business education and entertainment (a concept sometimes called “info-tainment”). 


Within their new “Fun & Gains”™ line-up, QuizMaster has designed a wide range of live game shows and team-oriented competitions.  In addition to their value for meetings, a number of them can also be translated into effective employee incentive and motivation programs.  Although most company’s incentive programs are targeted at sales and marketing groups, Arblaster says that QuizMaster’s new “Fun & Gains”™ programs can be tailored for each client and can help build motivation, knowledge, teamwork and communication throughout a company’s entire organization. 


Over its years in business, QuizMaster has developed an excellent, long-standing reputation for producing well-managed, high energy, high impact events.  Seltzer agreed, “QuizMaster has become well-known for game shows that include all the elements of a real TV game show – top quality sets and props, sophisticated electronic scoring, timing and “lock-out” response systems, on-target Q’s and A’s … and great MC’s.”  But, Seltzer says, the company is confident their new “Brain Benders” game, entry into the online marketplace and added potential to provide new directions for incentive programs will “help keep QuizMaster and their clients moving toward continued success in the future.”


Seltzer added, “With our updated formats and client-focused presentation capabilities we now have something for everyone.  A “Fun & Gains”™ experience is guaranteed.”


In the 25 years since QuizMaster first introduced its TV-style game shows for business, it has presented over 1000 competitions worldwide.  Program sizes have ranged from major corporate meetings, conventions and tradeshows for thousands to smaller sales and training meetings for as few as sixty attendees.  For each program, QuizMaster designs it presentations and develops questions and answers to specifically relate to every client’s products, policies, goals and other key subjects. 

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