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QuizMaster Productions
9845 Bankside Drive, Suite 1100,
Roswell, GA 30076
Phone: (770) 664-0648 2master@quizmaster.com



QuizMaster FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions About


What can we do to reduce our shipping & freight costs?

QuizMaster will always try to obtain the lowest possible freight and handling rates for every show.  Normally, when preparation and logistics time allows, we will try to use ground freight to move our required show equipment.  However, depending on production requirements and timing, we may occasionally need to ship our equipment by air or priority carrier.   If your group has made special arrangements with carriers that would reduce the show’s variable shipping costs, we would be happy to discuss alternative freight arrangements at any time.



Can we videotape our group’s game show?

Yes – we allow our performances to be videotaped, but only with prior approval.  We also require each client to agree to provide a “no less than first generation” copy of the original, master tapes to QuizMaster.  Our “sister” company, Meeting Concepts Event Video, is a division of our company and can provide top-quality video services at any level.  Please contact us for a quote.  We would love to work with you to produce a professional-quality video of your game show event.



How many crew and QuizMaster staff people are required to run our show?

Most shows require a minimum QuizMaster staff of three people: an emcee/ director; an operations/stage manager; and an assistant/ops technician.  Larger shows may require more staff to properly operate the equipment and handle installation/dismantle.  The addition of an on-stage hostess to the crew can bring an extra measure of sophistication and fun to your show.  In any case, our people will handle virtually all aspects of setting up, presenting, and closing the show – so even your in-house meeting managers can be free to enjoy your event!



What audiovisual equipment is needed to produce a QuizMaster game show?

Depending on the show size, venue and structure, AV for your show can be quite simple -- or may involve extremely sophisticated equipment and setups.  Generally, the only AV equipment we will request will be some microphones, speakers, a mixer, a CD or audio tape player and house lighting controls.  The larger and more sophisticated the show, the more AV equipment and planning is needed.  Top level shows may involve full theatrical lighting, rear projection and/or widescreen video and I-mag, concert-quality sound systems, lasers, hazers, gobos and other special effects.  Whatever your group size and budget capabilities, QuizMaster will be able to produce your show in a way that will make it a memorable and talked-about event for your group. 



What can we expect regarding our game show set and props?

With each of our game shows, QuizMaster will provide a colorful, well designed, high impact set that is appropriate for the format of the show, size of your group, type of game show venue and budget.  In addition to our QuizPro™ electronics, special backwalls, contestant consoles, props, customized graphics, flashing marquee signs, chase lights and other special effects are part of every show.  Each game also has its own custom, network-quality props that help create its unique look and feel.  Check out the photos taken at some of our shows by going to the “Game Show Formats” tab on the main menu.



What kinds of electronics will QuizMaster bring to my show?


QuizMaster can provide a wide range of staging, lighting effects and sophisticated QuizPro™ electronics for every program.  The type of equipment we provide will vary according to the size and structure of each show.  However, every show will have electronic scoring, timing, contestant response systems and instantaneous lockout capabilities.  These capabilities ensure that every show will have the flair and exciting “bells and whistles” of a network game show -- and that means plenty of “Fun and Gains”™ for our clients. 



What is so special about your QuizPro™ game show controller equipment?

QuizPro’s electronic competition controllers, scoring, timing, bonus wall and instantaneous lockout systems have been specifically designed for live game shows and to enhance our clients’ program results.  With QuizPro™ there will never be any arguments about how much time is left, whether a question was answered in time or who was the first to buzz in.  That means every show will be a well-managed, optimum event that everyone will appreciate.



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