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QuizMaster FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions About


How many different quiz show formats do you offer?

We have a “core” repertoire of nine different standard game shows and we often “mix and match” formats to customize shows for specific groups.  Some of our games are loosely based on well-known TV game shows; others, such as our tradeshow-oriented formats, have been exclusively designed by QuizMaster.  Regardless of the format, every show utilizes our QuizPro™ electronics and is an energetic, participative, well-managed event that will get a great response.



What are the necessary elements for planning and preparing to present a QuizMaster game show?

When you book a QuizMaster show, we will send you a “setup sheet” that will specify and detail all the elements you will need to consider prior to your show.  Some of the more important aspects of planning involve question and answer development; team structure, colors and captains; judges; graphics; and logistics issues.  With the excellent experience we have had producing a wide range of shows, we will make the pre-show planning process as easy as possible for you. 



How many teams -- and how many players -- can be in a show?

An average show will utilize between thirty and eighty on-stage contestants.  The team structure for each show will be determined by the size of the group and its make-up.  Usually shows will have a minimum of three teams, but may have more as the situation warrants.  Some shows have even been “double elimination” competitions, held over several days, and involving as many as 54 qualifying teams from all over the country.  However, regardless of the size and team set-up, everyone in your group will be involved in the show from start to finish!   



Who will be the Emcee for our show?

For every show, QuizMaster will provide a well trained, experienced emcee as your game show host.  Your emcee is the on-stage manager for the show and knows how to keep things moving in a positive direction – even in case of unforeseen circumstances. 



Who should we use as the “team captains” for our show?

Many of our clients use their recognized field managers as Team Captains and/or Team Coaches.  Although sometimes groups choose their captains at random, most commonly, they select their team captains in advance of the show.  Team captains are responsible for selecting a team name, color, slogan and team identity items (t-shirt, hat, etc.).  The people you select to be your team captains will also play key roles during the show -- as the leaders of their respective teams.   



Will our show have an on-stage Hostess?

An on-stage hostess is a great addition to any of our game show formats.  She will enhance the “network” look and feel of the show -- and can be of great benefit to our operating staff.  We strongly recommend, and will be happy to provide, a suitable “Vanna” for your show. 



Can my CEO (or VP; Director, Field Manager, local celebrity, etc.) be our Emcee?

It is seldom a good idea to put any presenter into a position where they are in front of a large group, and have to perform well in a high-pressure on-stage environment, along with game show formats and procedures with which they are unfamiliar.  Even the best of them could be not be adequately prepared for all the nuances and weird eventualities that might occur during a show.  Clearly, if we were to rely on “outside” emcees, it would decrease the likelihood of getting an optimum show to an unacceptable level.  QuizMaster has been producing top-quality game show events since 1979.  You can rely on us to provide the experienced operations staff -- and emcee -- to ensure that all aspects of your show are effectively presented.  You will appreciate the value.



Who will be the “judges” for our game show?

Judges are very important to the operation of our game shows, because they help our emcee to determine the correctness of an answer when the prepared answer and the one given by the players on stage differ.  Top executives and marketing, sales, training and operations managers usually want to be supportive of and involved with their group -- and often volunteer their services as judges.  The best judges are those people within the organization who have a broad knowledge of the company, the group and the subjects that were discussed during the meeting. 



How can we best involve our execs and top managers in our game show?


Top executives (CEO; COO; CFO; Director of Sales; Director of Marketing, etc.) make great judges.  We will even give them a black judicial robe and “English style” barrister’s wig to help them play their part.  Serving as judges will allow your top executives to be actively involved with the game and the on-stage contestants throughout the program.  But because they will have the pre-designed questions and answers available to help them with their deliberations, they will have just as much fun as the rest of your group.


Can QuizMaster game shows be adapted for use as a fund-raiser, church, school or academic competition, or for a non-profit or charitable event?


QuizMaster's unique game show formats can be adapted to any type of program use or client need, including charity events, fund-raisers, scholastic competitions and other unique purposes.  All we have to know are the expectations, program parameters and initial budget of the sponsor and we will be glad to design a show that will meet the required results.  We have produced numerous programs of this type, including: a national kick-off event for the American Cancer Society; a bible-oriented game for major Presbyterian Church USA youth conclave; a church-related program for the leadership of the Knights of Columbus, and The New York Times' "Knowledge Bowl",  a multi-state academic competition for junior and senior high school students  Please contact us (see below) to discuss your ideas and requirements.

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