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QuizMaster FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions About



What will my group need to do to develop Questions & Answers for the show?

As a key part of our service, QuizMaster will write all of the questions and answers that will be presented within the game show, but we would welcome your group’s involvement as well.  Business-oriented questions are written using client-supplied information, such as sales manuals, product literature, training guides, promotional materials and similar items.  So that the show will flow smoothly and have the maximum impact, we will design in a good mix of “just-for-fun” questions, too.  The whole Q&A development process normally takes about 2-3 weeks.  However, the more time we have the better.



What kind of information is used to produce Q’s & A’s for the show?

Almost any kind of information that relates to the meeting can be used to develop questions and answers for your show.  Among others, they can include: product and promotional information, operations guides, sales policies and procedures, market and competitive information, training and skills development, safety and company goals. 



Will my group need to write or edit the questions & answers?

Not unless you want to.  Although, once the Q’s & A’s have been developed, QuizMaster will send them to you for additions, editing, revisions and specification updates.  After the adjustments are made, you will know your Q’s & A’s are absolutely relevant and “on target” before the show even begins.  Your show will be well down the road to success before the attendees even get to the meeting!



Can we make changes to the show’s Q’s & A’s?

Absolutely!  Once the show has been written, we can substitute new questions and answers and make added revisions (on a one-for-one basis) up until the day of the show. 



What types of questions will be used in our show?

QuizMaster uses several different types of questions to provide a unique flair and character to the show.  The questions and answers used in the game are individually customized for each show, but usually involve a strong focus on relevant business, product, operations and selling information.  Our objective is to cover as wide range of information and subjects as possible and to create an effective mix between business-oriented questions and general-knowledge, fun types of questions.  In that way, every show will truly address “Fun and Gains”™!



How many questions and answers need to be prepared for each show?

Depending on the show style and format, between 80 and 150 questions are usually written for each show.  To keep the game interesting, challenging and fair, they are designed using several different Q&A formats.  We can even use visual and audio style questions when applicable.  With effective Q&A development, your program will be “fun”, but it will generate “gains”, too. 



Why are “true or false” or “multiple choice” questions not recommended?

True/False questions are not usually recommended because they are too easy to guess and leave few alternatives for game continuity and excitement.  If a team gets their answer wrong, we usually want another team to be able to “steal” the value of that question.  True/false questions do not fit that model as well as open-ended questions or those that have defined, subjective answers.  With multiple-choice questions, contestants often do not remember all the answer options on a first reading of the choices -- so, “re-read” requests are common.  Consequently, multiple choice questions can often be confusing and take too long to answer.  Your game will flow better and be more interesting if we use other Q & A formats.



How are contestants rewarded for correct answers?

Each correct answer in the game earns points for the team giving the response.  In some games, if an answer is given incorrectly, another team may “buzz in”, answer it properly and "steal" the points.  This makes for an exciting, fast-paced game filled with variables and surprises.  Although the points earned are very important to the teams, the acclamation and support they receive from their teammates are usually the biggest rewards and strongest motivating factors for the on-stage contestants. 




Why are computer- projected Q&A formats not usually used?


QuizMaster generally does not use computer-generated images (CGI) and projected Q&A formats because they tend to slow down many of our games and reduce the levels of flexibility and flow management options available.  However, depending on the group’s goals and structure, CGI could certainly be added to any of our games – and, it is actually required for some.  We can produce a quality show virtually at any format that makes sense for your group. 



Why does QuizMaster not usually recommend the use of keypad voting systems?


We do not usually recommend the use of keypad systems for several reasons.  Keypad voting or polling systems add substantially to the cost of the total show.  In addition, most keypad systems can only accept true/false, numeric and multiple choice selections.  We do not normally recommend T/F or multiple choice formats.  However, if keypad responders are a “need to have” element for your show, we will gladly provide them for you and will revise the show format accordingly.



Don't contestants get embarrassed if they do not answer the questions correctly?  


Not at all.  Every player will have their own Response Button. For individual response questions, if a player does not press his/her button, the emcee will not ask for an answer.  And on team-based questions, the team gets a chance to caucus before answering, so the result is shared by all.  So, no embarrassment.  Because of the way QuizMaster's games are played, the chance to be an on-stage contestant should be viewed as a fun and non-threatening experience. 
(Also see the response in question 2-h, above)

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