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QuizMaster Productions
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QuizMaster FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions About


How much do you charge to produce and deliver a TV-style quiz show?

Prices for our shows are the same for every format within each level of show we produce.  However, the presentation fees charged will vary with the number of attendees, room size, staging and special effects, and the degree of customizing desired by the client.  The more complex the show, the larger and more sophisticated the equipment and staff requirements -- and the greater the cost.  

Please contact QuizMaster to discuss your show. We will ensure that the presentation we design for your group will provide the very best game show experience possible and still meet your budget requirements. 



Why do your show fees vary so widely?

QuizMaster has different levels and prices of shows so that we can offer an appropriate format and style of presentation for whatever size or type of group you may have.  Show fees also vary according to the number or people in your group, the venue used, the size of the showroom, the equipment required to produce the show, the style desired by the client and other such variables.  However, because we own our equipment, we can offer many options to ensure that our production meets your budget needs.



Why do you ask for full payment in advance of our show – our credit is good!

It is a standard within “performance businesses” that presentation fees be paid in full prior to a show.  These advance payment standards also apply to theatrical performances, variety acts, tradeshows, films, TV and other forms of live entertainment.  Doing so permits us to customize your show as applicable and allows us to ensure that necessary pre-show preparations go forward without delay and with maximum efficiency.  With advance payment, your QuizMaster show will always be the best “Fun and Gains”™ event that it can be. 



Are staff travel, meals and  transportation costs included in the price of our show?

Generally, travel and staff transportation costs are not included in the base price of the show, unless you request that it be budgeted that way.  We often are booked many months in advance of the show, so variable expenses, such as travel, transportation and shipping costs, are not usually able to be precisely determined at the time the contract is signed.  However, you can be assured that we will keep variable expenses absolutely as low as possible so you can maximize the value of your show. 



Why do you bill for “per diems” – aren’t we are already picking up rooming and meal costs?


Whenever possible, we would be pleased to take our meals with your group.  However, because our crew does not usually work the same hours or keep to the same meal schedule as your group, they need to have funds on hand to be able to purchase food and beverage at appropriate times.  Per diems also cover personal expenses and necessities required during travel days going to and from the show.  We will adjust the per diem rate charged to make it as close as possible to a “net zero” expense for all concerned.



Can we cancel our Contract without penalty if we have to change our dates?

Yes -- and no.  As part of your contract with QuizMaster, payments are scheduled for specified times prior to your show and all fees must be paid in full prior to the show date, even if the performance is postponed or cancelled.  However, in the unusual situation that a program must be delayed, we will credit payments to any QuizMaster show (produced for the same client) within the next year.  If an initial date does not work out and the timing has to be revised, we will work with you in any way possible to produce your game show at a later date.


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