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QuizMaster Productions
9845 Bankside Drive, Suite 1100,
Roswell, GA 30076
Phone: (770) 664-0648 2master@quizmaster.com



QuizMaster Productions


Our video production teams are lead by Executive Producer/Director, Jim Seltzer and Line Producers/Directors, Darrah Ribble, Michael McElroy, Jim Hirz and Daniel DiNardo.  Each is an experienced, award-winning Producer, Director and Videographer in his own right. 

Jointly, as an integral part of the Event Video team, their top-level production expertise and nationally- recognized experience working with major marketing, sales and management groups, corporations and well known national personalities allows us to offer our clients an unusually full range of video styles and custom client communication services. 

We have worked at all kinds of events -- from rock concerts to the Super Bowl, from high-society functions to Worldwide Sales Meetings, from trade shows and conventions to political fund-raisers and one-of-a-kind special events.  Our proven results are the equal of any other video production group in the country.

Our production staffs are drawn from a well-seasoned group of highly-talented camera-people, multimedia technicians, video editors and support personnel.  Without question, each staff member is a pro-active, creative, experienced individual who will make his or her own positive contribution to any production on which they work.

For absolutely any sort of commercial, industrial, promotional or special-event related video or communication project, ask us for details about our wide-ranging experience in that area. In most cases, we will be able to provide sample reels of our work which will relate specifically to your individual needs. We are confident you will be impressed with our credentials and our abilities to bring in your production on time and on budget.


I am sure you received my telephone message that the General Electric anniversary video was an outstanding success.  As a matter of fact, we are continuing to receive requests from GE locations around the country to send them a copy so they can use the video to motivate their home office staffs."
- General Electric Company     

"Wow, what a job you did for us.  Because of the emotion you built into meeting highlights videotape shown at the
close of our recent National Sales Meeting, I found myself getting choked up -- and I didn't even know some of those people.   Thanks for capturing so well the essence of the team-building and camaraderie we tried so hard to create during our week in the sun."

- Budget Rent A Car International  

"The 'Synergy' and 'You Make The Difference' video modules created for our Worldwide Sales and Marketing Meeting were nothing short of fantastic.  Great script, great visuals and a right-on-the-money message really got our points across.  I have heard only the best of compliments.  Speaking for the entire management group, "Thank You" for providing some excellent food for thought for the entire company.
- Dermik Labs

"Well, you guys have done it again!  The 'Stalking the Wild Dermiks' highlights module you put together for our closing at the National Meeting had us all laughing so hard we could barely breathe.  That was an inspired way to show how our efforts at 'teambuilding' during the meeting can be viewed as in the eyes of an outsider.  The situations you put your 'Crocodile Hunter' character in simply nailed the total meeting.  Another great job by the Event Video crew.
- Dermik Labs

"Thank you so much for the excellent video you and your team wrote and produced for our Launch Meeting.  Your video helped everyone to better understand the features and benefits of our products and
how important they are to
our company's future.  Can we get 500 copies to send out to our customers, brokers and foreign sales people, too?
- BP Amoco Polymers

To discuss in depth how our proven video experience, expertise and capabilities
 could best be applied to your next video project, contact us.


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