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To Energize And Motivate Your Group, Try A TV-Style Quiz Competition
A high-impact, team-based concept that lets meeting attendees have fun 
while getting serious about business!

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Imagine the following scenario:

You must organize a dynamic, unforgettable, major meeting.  But, your goals seem to be in opposition.  You must create a meeting that is closely focused on business issues ... yet fast paced and fun-filled; highly educational ... yet participative and motivating; clearly top quality ... yet cost effective.   What should you do?  Is there is an easy answer?  Jim Seltzer gives some insight into how QuizMaster, Meeting Concepts and ShowGroup can help.

1. An interview with JIM SELTZER, President & CEO, InterMark, Inc.

Roswell, GA:
  In 1979, when Jim Seltzer, InterMark's CEO, produced his first "Knowledge Bowl™" quiz event, the idea was considered quite radical.  Today, this effective, high-impact concept is a proven winner for groups looking to build participation and teamwork, improve group esprit, reinforce learning and accelerate meeting payback. 

Today, QuizMaster Productions is the country's leading producer of business-oriented quiz competitions.  Meeting Concepts is a successful meeting management firm owned by InterMark, Inc., QuizMaster's parent company.   Top companies regularly rely on them to do the seemingly impossible -- produce meetings and events which provide both "Fun and Gains™".  

QuizMaster's innovative, custom-tailored quiz shows, such as "Jeop-NERDy" (Computer Associates), "You Bet Your Paint" (Sherman-Williams), "DERMA-Knowledgy" (Dermik Labs), "Winning Our Way" (Forbes Magazine), "Brain Drain" (Bristol-Myers Squibb), "BISC-Quiz" (Nabisco) and "Winners Circle" (Amerisource-Bergen) have achieved outstanding results and consistent rave reviews.  In the following interview, Jim explains how the company's unique "Fun and Gains™" competitions can help almost any meeting "Play For Keeps™".

  Why is a Quiz competition such an effective format for a business meeting?
JS: A quiz show involves and demands the total attention of every participant.  They get to use their minds in ways which help them remember the subjects covered and the total experience much longer.

All participants compete on an equal basis in a format that pits them in friendly competition with their peers.  The non-threatening nature of the quiz competition creates a tremendous amount of energy and enthusiasm.  QuizMaster competitions create a team-oriented, peak-performance event.  They encourage interest, attention, and participation, but still focus on relevant business. 

And our quiz shows are fun.   It's  been proven that we learn and retain more from enjoyable experiences.  No one sleeps during our programs.  Consequently, our clients get better results from their meetings.  Everyone can be a winner!

Q: How do QuizMaster's TV-style quiz shows work?
JS: Let's take a look at one of our most popular formats, "Bonus Board Challenge".   It's a game that is somewhat like Jeopardy!.  The stage is set up to look like a real TV game show.  It features a colorful set, flashing lights, special game graphics, contestant consoles, electronic response systems and digital scoreboards -- the works. 

The room is divided into color-coded team sections.  As the game starts, from three to five players are chosen from each team to become on-stage panelists.  After answering questions for a preset period, the original contestants are replaced replaced with new panelists. That gives more attendees a chance to compete directly and keeps the show moving along. 

Every minute of our quiz is packed with high energy and lots of enthusiasm.  It's friendly competition that allows everyone to feel good about the outcome, regardless of their age, position or level of experience.

Q:  How is the flow of the game controlled?  Who is the Emcee?
JS: Our Master of Ceremonies manages the game with the help of an on-stage Hostess/assistant and a Master Console operator/technician.  Our proprietary "QuizPro™" Competition Controller system will provide network-quality scoring, timing, instantaneous first response and lockout capabilities.  Our emcees are trained to facilitate the competition, not to steal the show.  We want the participants and our client to be the only stars, not us.

  What types of questions are used in the quiz competition?
JS: The questions and answers used in each quiz are customized to focus on real information that is relevant to the group's business, products, promotions, marketing, sales and operations issues.  We use all kinds of client-supplied sales guides, product literature, training guides, operations manuals and promotional materials to help.  Our objective is to cover a wide range of subjects and create a proper mix between tough business questions and the more general-knowledge or fun types of questions.

To keep the game interesting, challenging and fair, around 100 to 150 questions and as many as ten different Q & A formats may be used during any given program.

How are contestants rewarded for correct answers?
JS: Each correct answer earns points for that team.  If a response is wrong, another team may answer it and "steal" the points.  This makes for an exciting, fast-paced game with a lot of surprises and fun.  Although the points earned are very important to the team, we have noticed that the acclamation and support of their teammates seem to be the strongest motivating factors and ultimate top reward.

Q:  Your QuizPro "first response and lockout" electronics must require contestants to think quickly on their feet.  Is this part of the game plan?
JS: Exactly!  Fast recall and mental flexibility are important business skills.  The game show may be the only part of the meeting where this quality is actively challenged, encouraged and rewarded.  And the results can be very exciting!

Q:  How do you keep the whole audience involved in the competition?
JS: Depending on the competition format, during a typical show between 30 to 100 attendees may be chosen to compete as on-stage panelists, as they get cheered on by the balance of their team.  They never know who is going to be chosen next.  People from different parts of the organization often work together.  Because of the team orientation of the show, a feeling of camaraderie and teamwork develops very quickly.  It's really amazing to see an audience of 500 or more people get totally focused toward answering a single question.  People leave the event with a real sense of pride in their organization and a feeling of having participated in a truly productive event.

Q:  How many different quiz show formats do you offer?
JS: QuizMaster offers numerous, different, "standard" competition designs, each of which is fully tailored to and customized for each individual client, objectives and show venue.   Some formats are loosely based on popular network game shows.  Others have been designed by us.  In addition, we often "mix and match" certain aspects of our various games to make a completely unique event.

Q:  What kinds of companies have used QuizMaster to produce their quiz programs?
JS: Our shows are adaptable to any type of group.   We have worked with companies selling all kinds of products and services: from industrial robots to nuclear medicine; from garage doors to turbines and power plants; from toys to fast foods, computers and financial services.  Our clients work in diverse fields: banking, electronics, insurance, real estate, franchising, consumer goods, associations, high-tech, low-tech and just about everything in between.  Every show was different, but each one was rated by the attendees as a true meeting highlight.

Q:  How much do you charge to produce and deliver a custom-tailored, TV-style quiz show?
JS: Prices will vary depending on the number of attendees, venue location and size, the kinds of staging and special effects used and degree of customizing desired by the client.  The larger and more complex the show, the larger and more sophisticated the equipment and staff requirements -- and the higher the cost.   Smaller shows for up to 100 attendees will usually come in at between $8,500 for a basic show to perhaps $15-20,000 for a more elaborate version.  Larger, more complex shows may cost $20,000 to $40,000 or more.  The largest single show we have produced was for about 8000 people and cost "in excess of six-figures", including top-quality AV, video, rotating stages and loads of special effects. 

  Do you have a Website for your other business groups?
JS: Absolutely!  Check us out at www.meetingconcepts.com,   www.intermarkinc.com or www.cyberquiz.net At the bottom of every page is a menu of opportunities.  Just click on the area in which you are interested. 

Our sites have lots of photos, descriptions and client comments to browse through.  From either site, you can also find out about our sponsor-focused CyberQuiz sites and our CyberQuizgames portal, find out "what's new", explore our trade show games and exhibit design capabilities, learn about our new Millennium Game or introduce yourself to our WINcentive programs.

Q:  How can I ask a question or get more information about doing a quiz show?

JS: Please call us, fill out the RFP ("Request For Proposal") form on our website or send us an email: (2office@quizmaster.com) -- or, if using snail mail, drop us a note with your business card.  We'll contact you by phone to discuss the specifics of your program and send you an appropriate information packet.  A video preview is available free to managers with approval authority for meetings, conventions, trade shows, incentive programs or special events.